Our Solution to Heart Failure Management

Novel metrics of heart function


Rodin has developed a non-invasive and inexpensive home-based system for assessment of hemodynamic status in the ambulatory heart failure patient. Rodin’s solution comprises two measurement devices that can be used independently or in combination. The first is a wearable ring that continuously assesses the amount of blood pumped by the heart. The second device assesses the venous pressure, a well-recognized and highly sensitive marker of fluid overload. These measurements provide complementary information of heart function and enable effective management of both left- and right-sided heart failure.

Daily measurements of heart function are made available to the patient and their care team via companion apps, engaging and empowering end-users. Detection algorithms alert patients and medical providers to any decrements in hemodynamic status. Proactive management allows a burdened healthcare system to cost-effectively focus resources on those patients in need of intervention, reducing hospitalizations.

connected technology


multi-faceted value


Rodin’s solution offers improved quality of life for patients and savings for the healthcare system. The opportunity leverages a confluence of three significant trends in medical technology: (1) the healthcare industry will continue to focus on improving chronic disease management due to capitation and disproportionate utilization costs; (2) wearable technologies will move from the consumer to the medical marketplace as remote patient monitoring represents a fertile area for chronic disease management, and (3) the low costs of wearable technologies enable rapid realization of inexpensive but high performing systems.