Who is Rodin Scientific?

Rodin Scientific, LLC, is a newly formed company with the specific and singular purpose of realizing heart failure management solutions. Rodin has licensed all intellectual property from its parent company, Medici Technologies, and acquired all instrumentation and key individuals.  Core team members include:



Ries is an engineer, doctor, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in noninvasive optical measurement technology. He is the founder of several medical engineering companies including Inlight Solutions, Lumidigm, VeraLight and TruTouch Technologies, and his inventions have yielded more than 40 United States patent applications.



Elena is a scientist and software engineer with extensive knowledge of signal processing and algorithm development specific to physiological signals. Her background includes over 15 years in biomedical research, where she has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications.


Fahimeh Salehpour, ME
Chief Technologist

Fahimeh holds double Master’s degrees in photonics and biomedical engineering. With a research background specializing in light-tissue interactions, she is uniquely qualified to develop and engineer the optical components of the Rodin System.

Our Name

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is widely recognized as the father of modern sculpture. Departing from traditional sculptural style that portrayed the human body as idealized or decorative, Rodin pursued a physical realism in his work. He was a keen observer of his models, seeking to reproduce each individual’s physicality. So astute are his observations, that his sculptures capture the dependence of vein prominence on the position of the arm relative to the heart. The principles that underlie this phenomenon, venous compliance and transmural pressure, are the same used in our technology today. Our name is inspired by Rodin’s commitment to observation, and the belief that careful observation can inform and ultimately transform.